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I love the way he puts his hands through her hair and apologizes because he doesn’t want to hurt her and then she caresses his face and sinks down but he catches her

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Kissing + climbing

"Perfect families don’t exist. It’s gonna be up to you to find a way to make your baggage match their baggage. It’s up to you to make your own history."

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“She is in love with him. And throughout this season I’m looking for moments for that to shine. I’ve also looked for private moments, as an actor, where Castle might not be looking but she can at least show her feelings” - Stana Katic

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30 Day Castle Meme: Day Twenty Seven → Episode You’ve Seen the Most Times: 1x01, Flowers For Your Grave


aw look at her casually imagining their babies in his arms.

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Castle Season 5 Bloopers

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