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I’ve been away too long
And everyday, I missed you more
You look like you did before only prettier
And every day I missed you more
Everyday, I love you more, I love you more
Everyday, I love you more


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"I’m just as upset as you are." | requested by beacasketter

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Found the picture. :)

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In love and still in denial. So very Beckett.

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I can’t handle the UNF.

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S1/S6 : Beckett getting ready for work.

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you smell like cherries.

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That 70s Show

Even when she wants to kill him, she smiles.

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Castle - 6x20 - That ’70s Show - Sneak Peek #2

"Captain" Richard Castle and his "Cupcake".

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But seriously, the cinematography was absolutely brilliant.

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